Friday, November 11, 2016

Former Client

I see that a former client has pleaded guilty to a pair of felonies for an "only in Utah" scam.  I represented him a number of years ago in a business dispute.  He was also trying to get some kind of mining company off the ground.  Our politics were quite different, which thoroughly upset him, so he ended up getting a different attorney.  Over the next few years, I saw his mining company being praised in the local media.  I reached out a couple of times to congratulate him and see what he was up to, but he never responded.  I guess now I know what he was up to.  It's a rare attorney whose clients tell him everything, and probably a miserable one too.  And by the way, just because someone is being praised in what passes for the news media around here, it doesn't mean he isn't a total fraud.

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500 South and Main Street

I was downtown yesterday, and I saw that work is moving apace on the new Sim Gill Monument, aka the new DA building.  Maybe when it's finished, he'll have adequate facilities to actually respond to defense counsels' discovery requests as he's obligated to under the court rules and the Constitution, instead of just shining us off by claiming he gets to decide what's exculpatory and what isn't.  But I doubt it.  I almost miss Lohra Miller.  She was owned and clueless, but it least she wasn't claiming to be some knight in shining armor.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2016



And in case there is any confusion:

CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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