Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hide everything,...

...the Utah State Government is coming to help. Governor Huntsman thinks his mandatory insurance plan is going to fix things. Let's just say I'm skeptical.

As I understand it, the plan will have three income tiers. Folks in the bottom tier will receive something like Medicaid. Folks in the middle will receive subsidies to help them pay for insurance. Folks in the top tier will have to buy their own. At least they'll have to if they want to do such mundane things as go to school or get a job, because they'll have to provide proof of insurance in order to apply. And you won't be able to employ them without that proof of insurance, either.

Does anybody else see anything wrong with this? Suppose your income increases and you bump up a tier, but you can't afford your insurance any more (an existing problem that this plan exacerbates)? Suppose you bump up a tier, and private insurers won't insure you? Suppose you're an employer, and the promotions and raises you provide your employees do them more harm than good? Do you have any idea how much pressure employers will be under to pay under the table, or to pay in barter? Do you have any idea how the underground economy will explode?

This disaster needs headed off.