Thursday, May 15, 2008

PC Club Is Gone

PC Club, a computer sales and repair company with three locations here in Utah, slammed the doors shut and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy yesterday. Chapter 7 is liquidation, i.e. "throw your empty wallet on the table and let your creditors fight over it." PC Club will not be back.

PC Laptops, as it has done for several other computer companies, has agreed to take over the warranty work on PC Club machines. Another savvy move by Dan Young; he adds another block of customers to his base.

If you have equipment at PC Club, though, you have a problem because your gear is locked up where no one's answering the phone. Get to work on this RIGHT NOW. PC Club's attorney is Robert Hsu in Pasadena, 624-584-7055, You'll probably have more success as a united front, and I'm willing to help you get in contact with one another if you contact me here or at

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