Friday, May 09, 2008

You know you need a new PR person when...

...the local paper calls your current PR person about a hot story, and he tells them, "You don't deserve any reaction." That's what Russ Callister of Mecham Investments told the Tribune when it asked about the City demanding that Mecham do something about the great sinkhole it's created in Sugar House. See my entry today in The Real Estate Spot for my disclosure about once having officed in what is now a hole in the ground.

I honestly can't believe he said that to the paper. Folks, if you're going to be in business, you're going to want some publicity, and if you are a developer, being in the public eye is part of the game, so get used to it. Responding as Callister did isn't just unprofessional, it's stupid. It's acting like you're entitled to be in business, and believe me you aren't. Every day is a battle, and there's no entitlement to it. Why make your life harder by picking a fight with people who can spin your image any way they want?

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