Friday, October 03, 2008


So Wachovia agrees to be taken over by Wells Fargo instead of Citi. And unlike Citi, Wells won't use FDIC assistance for the takeover (At least not yet. Watch for something down the road when all the dust has settled and it can slip under the radar.). And now Wachovia has put partial freezes on Commonfund's Short and Intermediate Term Funds.

How does all this tie together? 1) The FDIC can say, without needing Botox to maintain a straight face, "See, the system works. We aren't insolvent. (Yet.);" 2) Instead of three banks (JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of America) holding nearly one third of the deposits in the US and Citi weighing in at over 11%, you will have four (Add Wells.) at nearly 40% and none over 10% (Appearance is everything when looking at market concentrations.); 3) The presidents of the 1,000 or so colleges and universities with investments in Commonfund will be calling Congress today screaming, "Do something!"

All this just in time for the House revote on the bailout.


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