Thursday, October 02, 2008

No, Not Everyone Believes The Same Way You Do

Let's face it folks, whether you like it or not, the workplace is becoming more diverse, and with that come culture conflicts.  Observant Jews begin Sabbath at sunset on Friday (which comes mighty early in Seattle in the Winter) and don't have much use for your Spring and Winter vacations that "just happen" to coincide with Easter and Christmas.  They want other days off instead.  Muslims have similar issues, and they're also supposed to pray five times a day.

Managers really need to get out in front of this.  Eventually, somebody will be asking for religious accommodations, so you might as well come up with a plan now.  Give it some though, get some help from an HR professional and/or an attorney.  And don't think you'll solve the issue by simply refusing to hire them thar ferners.  All that approach will get you is a visit from another attorney and someone from the government who isn't there to help, and they'll tell you to open your check book and write however many zeros they tell you to.

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