Monday, February 23, 2009

This is stupid...

...even for Utah.

We've all received spam from some "government official" in Nigeria who's sitting on millions in ill-gotten gain and wants your help to move it out of the country.  All you need to do is open a bank account and send him the information so he can transfer the money, part of which is yours to keep.  Of course what's really going on is simple money laundering by common thugs, and all your assistance will yield you is a knock on the door by men with dark suits and shiny badges.

Well, some schmuck in Texas fell for it and opened up an account.  Then the crooks moved on Utah, and the idiocy readings went off the scale.  They forged a few documents, submitted them to the state treasurer, and voila, had $2.5 million transferred to the account, no questions asked.  The only reason it stopped is because the bank in Texas called the treasurer's office and asked if it had any idea what was going on.  Talk about rhetorical questions.

This is amazing.  It tells me that the state lacks basic accounting and auditing principles.  It makes me wonder about the current deficit figures because it makes me wonder how they know what's there and what's supposed to be there.  If a public company did this, the FBI would be kicking in its door.  Instead, we just keep re-electing the same circus to what amounts to life appointments.

I think it's long past time for the fools on the hill to stop paying so much attention to The People's Morals and start paying more attention to The People's Money.

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