Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Life for Lehi?

The saga of the Lehi Roller Mills is in the process of concluding.  As I reported previously, the Mills filed Chapter 11.  It has turned into a planned liquidation, and Judge Mosier has approved the sale of all the assets to KEB Enterprises.  "KEB" stands for "Kenneth E. Brailsford," who founded and made a mint from several of the MLM companies that are Utah County's sole claim to having an economy.  Some of us also remember a quarter-century ago when the SEC nailed him on a penny stock scam.  But that was then, and now he's into philanthropy and civic projects.  He claims he's going to keep the mill open.  My response is, "Pull the other one."  Let's set up a betting pool on how fast the site turns into either Freeway View Condos at the Mill or Gardner Village South.

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