Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Warning to Blackberry Users

I use a Blackberry.  The reason is simple: I hate touch screens.  I have a bad attitude about them because I have a bad attitude about Apple in general, but aside from that, I just can't get the right touch for the screen.  I just want to scroll down or expand a view, and the next thing I know, I'm dialing the ISIS volunteer hotline or surfing bestiality sites or putting my kidneys up for sale on eBay.  So I stay with the keyboard.  Today out of the blue I get a text from T-Mobile telling me that in a month my Blackberry will turn into a paperweight.  As is typical with technoboobs, they've improved things so much that nothing works any more.  They're going entirely 4G, and of course that leaves no room for old 3G stuff.  Massive bilge, and of course entirely deliberate in good old American planned obsolescence fashion.  So for no good reason, I have to change phones.  And find a T-Mobile store out there that isn't full of idiots so that when I have them switch phones, they won't screw up both phones and my entire account the way they did the last time I tried to do this.

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