Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Blockbuster on the Rocks

Well, I suppose it was inevitable: Dish Networks has pulled the plug on Blockbuster.  Changing markets and business models left the movie rental stores in the dust.  This means a lot more dark space in a lot of strip malls.  Another chunk of the service sector gone, along with its jobs, such as they were.  I think I'll keep my Blockbuster card as a memento of a bygone era.  Still have my Hollywood Video card squirreled away somewhere.

Add to that the fact that oldest daughter just informed me the store she works in is closing.  Not only can we not manufacture anything anymore, we apparently can't even sell or rent anything.  I keep seeing reports that the economy is recovering, but that only seems to apply to the Over-a-Quarter-Mill-Per-Year crowd.

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