Friday, May 01, 2015

Repair Work

Had to have the plumbing contractor out this week replacing the water drain.  Tree roots had gradually torn the tile pipes apart.  Plumber of course had to tear into the street to connect to the main line.  City had issued all required permits.  A couple of the more obnoxious, self-absorbed residents of my neighborhood still called the cops.  Twice.  For blocking emergency vehicle access.

Words of advice.  First, to my "neighbors": Things break, and when they do, they have to be fixed.  Don't call the cops; you'll just end up looking like an idiot, although you're such megalomaniacs I doubt you'd notice.  I really hate to think how you'll behave when the city needs to resurface the street.

Second, to home buyers.  Things break, and you'll end up having to do something about it.  Don't cut corners; hire professionals.  My plumber (B&E Plumbing, BTW) pulled the permits and made sure the inspector was there.  He made sure all the safety equipment was in place, which proved to be a good thing when the pit walls decided to slump (IMNSHO, the soil had not been prepped right when the street was put in.) and left part of the street hanging in midair.  A cut-rate operator would have had two men buried alive and the entire street caved in.

And another thing to home buyers: Really check the neighborhood.  Check and see how often the police have been called out and why.  A lot of call-outs doesn't necessarily mean high crime.  It may mean worse: a neighborhood of spiteful brats who believe they should be treated like Louis XIV when they are more deserving of being treated like Louis XVI.